A friendly reminder that Pack 471 will host the annual Crossover Ceremony and Rocket Launch on Saturday, May 14 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Pope High School. IF YOU HAVE A LAUNCHER, PLEASE LET MEREDITH KNOW. 
We will using the Pope High School practice field (behind the Gymnasium). First, we will have the crossover ceremony where we will celebrate our scouts crossing into their new ranks. After that, we will launch our rockets!

Time to start building a new rocket or dusting off an old one. We strongly suggest that you only use A or B size rocket engines so we don’t lose our rockets if they go too high. If you have never built rockets in the past, there are several types that are very easy first time rocket kits, which include everything but the engine itself. Hobby Town and Hobby Lobby both have a great selection of rockets and engines. Remember to add wadding, but we have extra if you forget!

Things to bring:

Scout’s rocket
Engines (bring multiple if you want to launch your rocket more than once)
Class A uniform
Water bottle

We hope that you can make it and celebrate this year of adventure that we’ve had!

Upcoming events for Pack 471:

May 28 – Memorial Day Flag Placement 9am @ Marietta Cemetary

Sleep in the Deep and Spring Family Camping

** Repost from Scoutbook annoucement **

On April 16-17, our Pack will be holding their annual BIG TRIP. This year, we will be SLEEPING IN THE DEEP with the Sharks at the Chattanooga Aquarium. Before hand, we will get a chance to practice our climbing skills at High Point Climbing, starting at 3pm.
Cost: The trip will cost $90/ per person. For those that sold $400 or $800 of popcorn, you will be receiving 1 or 2 tickets free.
Signup: For those that have not signed up for the trip or have questions, please reach out to Meredith. All participants must be at least 6 years of age.
What to Expect: There will be a detailed “what to expect” email distributed about 2 weeks prior to the trip.
Payment: For those who have already signed up, payment will need to be made by Wednesday, March 30. Please visit the pack website to make payment:
Waiver: Please complete BOTH waivers for each attendee. Aquarium – Attached to Scoutbook email and send completed one to Meredith Highpoint (online) –

For those that can’t attend the BIG TRIP, Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is hosting JUNIOR RANGER DAY on Saturday, April 16 from 10:00-12:30 for ages 8-13. Programming will involve lots of hands-on activities (with rotation stations) and will focus on “resources: then and now”. They will have a couple of stations about water conservation, a station about animal populations, a station about geology, a station about the forest habitat, and a station about national parks. Please note that pre-registration is required.

Also SPRING FAMILY CAMPING is just around the corner, April 29-May 1 at Woodruff. If you have not signed up but would like to go, please email Meredith so I can add you to the list. You can pay for the Spring Family Camping via the pack website ($26/ Scout or participating sibling and $16 for parent or non-participating sibling). For Spring Family Camping, we also need volunteers to cook meals. Please let me know if you can help. More information will follow on what to pack and what to expect for this years Spring Family Camping.

As always, if you have questions, please reach out to me, your den leader, or anyone on the pack committee.

Blue and Gold Banquet and Friends of Scouting – Sunday, February 28, 5-7pm

Pack 471 Families,

Every year Cub Scouts celebrate the Blue and Gold Banquet. It is a celebration to honor the Pack’s anniversary and the birthday of Cub Scouts. In nearly all Packs, the Blue and Gold Banquet is the highlight of the year. It brings families together for an evening of fun and cheer. The event is packed with special events and entertainment to thank pack leaders and other adults who have helped the pack and inspire the leaders, Scouts and parents.

This year the highlights will include:

Father and son cake competition – theme is “Under the sea”
Voting on “Best in Show” Pinewood Derby cars (so remember to bring your pinewood derby cars)
Den Table Centerpiece competition
Food and Entertainment

Shane’s Rib Shack is going to cater the dinner again at the Garrison Mill Cafeteria. There is no cost this year.

As with most banquets there is also an opportunity to raise money for a good cause. Each Pack is given a goal to raise money for Friends of Scouting. Friends of Scouting helps secure the operating funds needed by the Atlanta Area Council to provide the many services offered to support unit programs, such as training, insurance, program materials, advancement materials, camping facilities and programs, Council and district activities, and much more. While there is a push and celebrating as we reach our goal, it is a voluntary gift. It is tax deductible and provides first class programs and facilities for our scouts to use.

I want to encourage all families to contribute to Friends of Scouting. Other foundations and grants often contribute based on the % of members (registered scouts & leaders) who contribute so the more families that contribute (even a little bit), the more that the Atlanta Area Council can leverage. Recognizing that times are tough, give what you can afford. If you have been blessed, give what your heart dictates. For a glimpse of what Friends of Scouting is, please visit the Friends of Scouting site on the Atlanta Area Council Website: Friends of Scouting .

So come for the cake, entertainment and fun. Make sure you bring your cameras and enjoy the celebration.

Yours in Scouting,
Pack 471 Leaders

Meeting this Tuesday, Oct. 20 at Garrison Mill Elementary

Hey Pack 471,

Hope everyone is having a great fall and enjoying the cooler weather! We have a meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 6:45 p.m. and hope to see you there. Here’s what you can expect at the meeting:

  1. Uniform Inspection: Uniform inspection Tuesday night. If you still need uniform items or have questions check the Scout Shop here:
  2. Popcorn Sales Due: Please email JT Helms your popcorn totals using this spreadsheet, 2015 1-SCOUT Popcorn Summary (1). Also include the total amount you’ll bring in a check, plus any surplus boxes you’ll return. All unsold boxes should be returned at the meeting, or at the latest, to JT by Oct. 23.
  3. Popcorn Online: If you sold popcorn online, please email JT the total so it can be included for prizes. You will not need to pay for online sales.
  4. Popcorn Prizes: Please include in your email, what prize(s) your son would like (if they sell $350 worth of popcorn they can choose one $100 and one $200 item, or one $300 item.) If you have any questions about popcorn, feel free to call JT at 770-490 1938.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night at 6:45 p.m. at Garrison Mill in the cafeteria.

Thank you!

Sarah Stewart


Camping trips turned into picnic

Unfortunately both Fall Family Camping and Webelos Camporall trips that were scheduled for this weekend have been cancelled due to the weather.

Pack 471 has a long history of camping in the rain. And while we will not be sleeping in the outdoors, we have arranged for getting together for a picnic on Saturday at noon at Garrison Mill Elementary under the covered shelter area.

We are opening this up to all pack members (and any friends the boys would like to bring). We have food that was already purchased for the camping trips that we need to use, so please come join us for some food and stories.

We do need a few more tables, so if anyone has a portable table or two they can bring that would really help. Please try to bring a camp chair to sit in and also keep in the mind the school facilities will be closed so try to plan accordingly.

Hope to see you at the school tomorrow!

Pack 471 Leaders

Welcome back to School!

Hello Pack 471!

We are glad to be back at school and officially starting our new year in cub scouting. We hope that everyone has had a great summer, and we are looking forward to having more fun this year.

We will hold our first pack meeting on Tuesday, August 25th, from 6:45  to 8:00 p.m.  This is a Class A meeting, so please come in your blue or tan (Webelos) uniform.  This is also our Signup Night, so we will have a great night of songs and games, while we sign up new scouts for this year.

We we will also be doing the crossover ceremony for the scouts returning from last year.  During this ceremony the boys will be removing their neckerchiefs and putting them onto the boys in the rank below them.  So, each boy can start the meeting wearing their neckerchiefs from last year, and will end the night wearing the neckerchief for this years rank.

Remember to tell all of your friends, and if you bring a friend to rally night who signs up, you get a Recruiter patch that night.  We will ask that all scouts wear their class B red shirts to school that day as a reminder, and we will send out another reminder as we approach that date.

We hope to have a HUGE turnout for that night, and if anyone knows of anyone who wants to join now or who wants further information, you can have them send an email to:

We hope to see you there, and remember that this year, our big trip will be Overnight at the Tennesse Aquarium!