This year our goal for individual scout sales is $450.00.  This will completely cover the cost of your scout going to the big event free of charge.

Popcorn can be sold either by taking orders from the paper flyer or online.  Both have different product offerings.  Paper orders are delivered in mid to late November, while online are shipped within two days directly to the customer.  Both types of orders count towards the scouts sales goals.  Online is a great way to sell to out of state friends and family.  To set up an Online Sales Account, go to http://www.trails-end.com, or see the following directions:  Trails-End.com Registration_Webpage Creation Tutorial — Scout

Important dates to remember:

All orders and money must be turned in by our October Pack Meeting.  If you feel you have sold all the popcorn you are going to sell, you can schedule a time to drop off those orders to our kernels beforehand.

Remember, over 35% of all popcorn sales stays with the pack, and this is the major fundraiser that helps fund activities and events throughout the year!