A friendly reminder that Pack 471 will host the annual Crossover Ceremony and Rocket Launch on Saturday, May 14 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Pope High School. IF YOU HAVE A LAUNCHER, PLEASE LET MEREDITH KNOW. 
We will using the Pope High School practice field (behind the Gymnasium). First, we will have the crossover ceremony where we will celebrate our scouts crossing into their new ranks. After that, we will launch our rockets!

Time to start building a new rocket or dusting off an old one. We strongly suggest that you only use A or B size rocket engines so we don’t lose our rockets if they go too high. If you have never built rockets in the past, there are several types that are very easy first time rocket kits, which include everything but the engine itself. Hobby Town and Hobby Lobby both have a great selection of rockets and engines. Remember to add wadding, but we have extra if you forget!

Things to bring:

Scout’s rocket
Engines (bring multiple if you want to launch your rocket more than once)
Class A uniform
Water bottle

We hope that you can make it and celebrate this year of adventure that we’ve had!

Upcoming events for Pack 471:

May 28 – Memorial Day Flag Placement 9am @ Marietta Cemetary