Foothills Day Camp Update! June 9-13

We finally have an update on the location of the Foothills Day Camp, June 9-13.

The location is the LDS Church on Trickum Road, just off of Sandy Plains.   If you are planning on sending your scout, please contact Robert Payne, Camp Coordinator, at

All scouts will be at their new rank for Day Camp, so current Tigers will be Wolves and so on.  If you have a boy who will be in the first grade after May, they will be registered as a Tiger Scout.  There will be a Tot Lot for 5 day volunteers, and the female siblings of scouts or daughters of 5-day volunteers will also form their own den.

The District Day Camps are volunteer led, so please think about volunteering at this event.  While 5-day volunteers are absolutely wanted, if we have several 2-3 day volunteers, that will go a long way to allowing our scouts to attend, as we must provide enough volunteers to cover our scouts in a 4 to 1 / scout to leader ratio.  Otherwise, while we might have quite a few scouts join up, we will only be able to send scouts if we have enough adults also volunteering.  Another advantage of being a 5-day volunteer is that you get to have siblings attend, use of the Tot-Lot, and a discount for your scouts who are attending.

There will be a link posted on the Foothills District web page later this week, and as soon as that is posted, we will post the link.

This is a great event, full of fun activities to keep the boys interested and excited about scouting all year long.