2014 Camp Cards Are Here!

The 2014 Camp Card season has arrived!  Our Camp Card coordinator, Marilyn Reither, has picked up our cards and they are ready for distribution.  If you contact her first, you can get your pack of cards from her.  Her contact information is:

Email: marilyn.rowell@att.net

Home: 770-552-9275

Cell: 678-252-8447

The camp card sale lasts from now until April 11th, when all unsold cards and any money collected must be turned in.  If you sell more than the initial pack of 20, you can certainly sign out more.

What are camp cards?  We have many new families, so here is a little bit about camp cards:

Camp cards are discount cards that we can use as a fundraiser to help offset the cost of summer camp.  They sell for $5.00 each, and the scout earns a 50% commission on each card sold.  We don’t pay anything for unused cards returned, so you sell what you can, return the unsold cards and the money, and you’re done! This year, the coupons are:

One-Time Use Discounts:

Publix – $5 off $50 purchase

Dicks Sporting Goods – $10 off $50 purchase

Mulitple-Use Discounts:

Bojangles‘ – 10% off total purchase 

Great Clips – $2 off a haircut

Waffle House – Free drink with purchase of a meal

Midas – $10 off any regular priced service

Shane’s Rib Shack – 10% off total meal purchase

Quiznos – Free fountain drink and chips with purchase of any size sub

We ask that when you sell the cards, you do so in uniform. Please remember these tips:

1 – Never enter anyone’s home if they ask you to come in so they can get their checkbook or money.

2 – Remember to state that you are ‘earning your way to summer camp.’ People like to hear that from young scouts.

3 – Any checks should be made out to Pack 471.  We do ask that if you collect a large amount of cash, if you could consolidate that as much as possible into one check to Pack 471.

4 – Do not sell the cards in front of those businesses listed.

What can you do with that camp card commission? Anything scouting related.  The primary purpose is to offset the cost of summer camp.  For example, Day Camp is typically $90 for the week for non-volunteers, while summer camp is $155.  Monies earned can be used pay for those camps.

But if you are not planning on going to camp, you can still use that commission for anything scouting related: pack dues in the fall, fall family camping or Camporall, scouting uniform items or equipment from the scout shop (bring a receipt for reimbursement).  We only ask that you use those funds by December of 2014.

We will have these cards also for sign out at the Blue and Gold Banquet on February 23rd, but get started now, as signups for summer camp are coming up very soon!


In addition to the commission, if your scout sells lots of cards, there are also prizes!

  • Recognition for Scouts who sell certain number of cards:
    • 1,000 – Xbox one
    • 500 – iPod touch (16 GB)
    • 300 – iPod nano (16 GB)
    • 100 – $50 gift card (Best Buy)
    • 50- $20 gift card (Best Buy)
    • 20- Patch

Recognitions will be distributed once at the end of the Camp Card sale season when we have reconciled all cards.

If you have any questions, you can contact Marilyn or Robert Payne.