Official 2014 Pinewood Derby Weigh-in January 23-25

The official 2014 Pinewood Derby Weigh-in will be held at Lisa Wille’s residence at 11675 Highland Colony Dr.

The dates and times will be:

Thursday – 6:30 – 9:00

Friday – 6:30 – 9:00

Saturday – 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

The specific details for the pinewood derby cars can be found on the Pack 471 website ( More specifically, the finished cars must be at or under 5.0 ounces.  All cars that are weighed in will be held by the race officials until race day, so ensure your car is 100% complete when you come to the weigh in.  Cars not checked in January 23-25th will not be allowed to race on race day.

We hope to see you there.


2014 Pinewood Derby Schedule – Sunday, January 26th

The 2014 Pinewood Derby event will be held this year at the Roswell Park Activity Center, or as it is otherwise known as, the Bill Johnson Community Activity Building.  This is located within the Roswell Area Park off of Woodstock Road at 10495 Woodstock Road, Roswell GA 30075. 

We will begin our races starting at 1:00 p.m., Sunday, January 26th.  The order of races will be:

————————  Arrive                  Race Time

Webelos                   1:00                     1:30

Bears                        1:45                     2:15

Wolves                     2:30                     3:00

Tigers*                      3:15                     3:45

Siblings                     3:45                     4:15

Finals                                                    5:00

(*We appreciate that Tiger Scouts might not have the endurance to stay through all the races, so we start with the oldest boys first).

All scouts are welcome to come at any time, but the arrival time is when we require those scouts to be there and to allow those racing scouts time to add more graphite to their cars before the race.

This year’s race will be catered, and food will start at 12:30.  Adult plates are $5.00 and kids plates are $4.00

We will also have a crafts table available for scouts and siblings.

Pack 471 wishes to thank Jeff Knighton specifically for his efforts in arranging this fantastic location for the 2014 Pinewood Derby Race!

Earn the God and Me Religious emblem

Christ United Methodist Church will be hosting a class for interested scouts and will run for 4 weeks from January 19th through Scout Sunday which is February 9th. The class will be each Sunday from 10-11 and the cost will be $15.00.

Adults and siblings are encouraged to attend as well.

The church is located at:
1340 Woodstock Road
Roswell, GA 30075

If you are interested please contact Lisa Wille for more information and to signup at or 770-362-2175

Pinewood Derby – January 26th, 12-5 p.m.

Racers! Start your engines!

This year’s Pinewood Derby competition will be held at the Bill Johnson Community Activity Building at the Roswell Area Park. This is located within the Roswell Area Park off of Woodstock Road at 10495 Woodstock Road, Roswell GA 30075.

The race will be held from 1-5, and doors open at 12 p.m.. As with last year, we will start with the Tigers, and race up through the Webelos, and finally the adults and siblings competition at the end. We are hoping to schedule Shane’s Rib Shack again this year, and we will have a craft that the scouts and siblings can participate in before the race.

Prior to the race, we will have a weigh-in on Thursday and Friday night, January 23 and 24th, from 6-9 p.m. at Lisa Wille’s Residence at 11675 Highland Colony Dr. Remember the following guidelines for your car:

Maximum Height : 4.5 inches – overall height is a tech item (requirement)
Maximum Length : 7 inches – overall length is a tech item (requirement)
Maximum Width : 2-3/4 inches – overall width is a tech item (requirement)
Maximum Weight : 5.0 ounces – as measured on the electronic scale (requirement)
Maximum Wheelbase : 4-7/16 inches – wheelbase is a tech item (requirement)
Minimum Car Bottom-to-Track Surface : 3/8 inch – this is a dimension that will allow the car to clear the track’s raised lane keeper
Minimum Width Between Wheels : 1-3/4 inches – this is a dimension measured between the wheels along the axle centerline, which will allow the car to clear the track’s raised lane keeper.

The most important piece is that the car, with wheels, paint, any glue, accessories and weights, must weigh 5.0 ounces or less. If your car weighs more at the weigh in, you will have the opportunity to try to adjust the weight. Once it is weighed and checked in, the judges will hold onto the cars until race day, when you will have one more opportunity to apply graphite to the wheels before the race.

For a complete guide on pinewood derby tips from Boys Life, follow the link here:

We hope to see you on race day!