Rocket Launch this Sunday, June 16, 2013 – Game on!

The clock has started ticketing again at T- 67 Hours and counting.  Sunday’s launch activities start at 1:00 PM on Sunday June 16, 2013.  The weather forcast is posted below and conditions are favorable for launch.

Partly Cloudy High 88 degrees, chance of Rain 20%, winds at 5 mph

Come join the pack for fun, food, and ignition.  Hot dogs will be served bring your own water.

Also bring sunscreen and your rocket.  To launch you will need a rocket, the appropriate engine, and recovery wadding.  We do not have the large buckets of “BARF” this year from Jorge Blanco.  The pack does have some spare rockets in case you do not have one and if you bring a friend who may be interested in joining scouts.

Last weekend I tested a multi-rocket launch system successfully.  You do not need a launch pad but if you have the launch control device (battery operated button to light the engine) please bring this.

We will be launching from Garrard Landing Park where Holcomb Bridge Road crosses the Chattahoochee River in East Roswell.

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Dan Betts

Assistant Cubmaster Pack 471