Camp Cards Sales Start Today! March 1st through April 11th

The 2013 Camp Card Season kicks off today!  We have received our allotment of camp cards, and it is time to collect yours to sell!

Camp Cards are a spring fundraiser that is designed to help scouts earn their way towards many of the Summer Camps that are offered over the summer break.  The proceeds from these sales are solely for use by the scout.

A Camp Card is a discount card that has special discounts to local supporters of the Boy Scouts of America, this year, the cards have:

2013 One-time use discounts

2013 Multiple use discounts

Here’s how Camp Cards work:

1 – Check out a pack of cards – We will start by checking out a pack of 20 cards to each scout who wishes to participate in this EASY fundraiser.  We sign out the cards, and you will be responsible for returning all funds and UNSOLD cards.  Please remember to be careful of the cards, as the Publix and Dicks Sporting Goods tabs can break off, and that it now a damaged card that needs to be paid for.

2 – Sell the cards – Each card sells for $5.00.  Please remember to follow the same safety guidelines when we are selling popcorn – Wear your uniform.  Clearly state who you are and what pack you are with.  Do not sell alone (have a parent nearby), watch for cars, and most importantly, NEVER enter a stranger’s home.  Remember to be polite, and let everyone know what you are EARNING your way towards summer camp and what the cards can be used for.  And to always say “Thank you,” even if they do not purchase a card.  If you’ve sold out, come get more!

3 – Reconcile the cards – Turn in all money collected and UNSOLD cards on or before April 11th.  We then reconcile the amounts sold by each scout, and $2.50, that’s right, 50% of all sales stays within the unit just for only that scout’s use.  Any checks should be made out to “PACK 471”

4 – Use the money! – This year, we have Day Camp, Adventure Camp, Twilight Camps; a ton of fun that you can earn enough so they are free for you to attend! But if you do decide not to attend camp, you can still use the money earned for Pack Dues or the Fall camping events or even items at the scout shop by turning in your receipts to be reimbursed.

5 – Win prizes! – Yes, even beyond selling the cards and earning a 50% commission towards scouting events and items, there are prizes to earned for the number of cards sold.  This year, they are:

– For 1000 cards sold – an iPad mini

– For 500 cards sold – $150 Best Buy gift card

– For 100 cards sold – $25 Best Buy gift card

– For 20 cards sold – the 2013 Camp Card Patch

We will have information up on our website in the next few days about the Summer camping events, but you can start selling now before registration begins.

Contact me via phone or email and schedule a time to swing by to sign out your cards. I will also have them with me at the Hobo Dinner on March 16th.

We look forward to a great fundraising season this year.

Robert Payne,

Pack 471 Committee Chair

404-988-4589(C)  – Address – 4603 Blakedale Circle, Roswell 30075