Friends of Scouting Update…

We wanted to thank all of the generous families who donated to the Friends of Scouting Campaign at the Blue and Gold Dinner.  Of our goal of $3,500, we were able to raise an amazing $2,610!  That goes to show the generous support for scouting within our Pack to assist those boys who otherwise would not be able to enjoy a scouting program as our scouts can.

If you did not get a chance to donate to this great cause, there is still time to do so.  We are at 75% of our goal, and we want to make sure that every family has the opportunity to support this program.

You can donate to Friends of Scouting by following the link below:

As always, we thank you for all of the support that you give to the Pack and to the Boy Scouts of America.

Robert Payne

Pack 471 Committee Chair




March Pack Meeting – Saturday March 16th – Hobo Dinner!

We will be hosting our Annual Hobo Dinner on March 16th, 6:30 p.m.m. at the Christ United Methodist Church, 1340 Woodstock Road, Roswell, across from the SuperTarget on Holcolmb Bridge Road.

Remember to bring all of your canned and dry goods that you will have collected during the  Scouting For Food drive between March 9th and March 16th.

Please also remember to bring a canned item to share in our ‘Hobo Stew!’  Any type of beef stew, canned soup, canned vegetables, but no cream, milk, or seafood items (no tuna fish please!)

We’ll cook this mixture up and dine on the results.   For this event, we are asking all of the scouts (and those parents that would like to partake) to dress up as Hobos!

The boys will eat out of washed cans, we’ll have drinks and desserts and roles, and a roaring fire to enjoy it by.  We will also collect all of the Scouting for Food bags, so please remember to keep track of those items your scout has collected for this needy cause.  Our donations will be driven directly to Must Ministries to help fill their pantry.

We hope you can make it!

Robert Payne                                                                                                                     Pack 471 Committee Chair

2013 Cub Adventure Camp Registration is Open!

We will be attending the 2013 Cub Scout Adventure Camp as a Pack from July 10th to Saturday July 13th.

The Cub Scout Adventure Camp is a 4 day, 3 night stay at the great Bert Adams BSA Campgrounds near Covington (where we normally stay for the Fall Family Camping event).  We get to stay in the covered fixed tents that have a ceiling fan, lights, electricity (for fans in the tents!) and all adults and scouts can bring their bicycles with them to ride from event to event.

The costs this year are:

$145 per scout (an additional $10 for the Webelos II Outback Adventure)

$65 per adult

$65 per siblings (Siblings of any age are welcome to attend, but only if their adults are there to supervise them, and are not counted towards the 1 to 4 required adult to scout ratio).

Payments can be made via check to PACK 471, or via Paypal via our Paypal website here:  (look for the 2013 Cub Adventure Link!)

Before reading further, please download the following documents:

2013 Cub Adventure Guide

 Medical Forms A&B

Pre-Camp Swimt Test

Precheck Health Questionnaire


The advantages of attending Adventure Camp with the Pack are:

– We will register all of our scouts together, including setting up the schedule.

– You can send your Wolf, Bear, or Webelos scout to camp on their own! (We will be maintaining strict 2 deep leadership rule at all times, and we will only maintain a ratio of 1 adult to every 4 scouts attending).

If you choose to attend Adventure camp on your own as a family at a different date, those dates are:

July 7 – 10

July 14 – 17

July 17 – 21

July 21 – 24

July 24 – 27

The link to register on your own (ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT GOING WITH THE PACK!) is here:

Remember, you do not need to register through this website if you are planning on attending July 10 – July 13th.

Schedule for Camp –

Wednesday 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Check-in Wednesday, July 10th,  no sooner than 1:00 p.m. (the gates do not open before 12, and the registration will not begin until 1:00 p.m.

Check in as a group from 1:00 p.m. to 3 p.m.  All medical forms, copies of insurances cards, and the pre-check health questionnaire will be turned in at this time.

A leader from our group will stay behind to complete the check-in process while our group is brought to their campsite to begin getting ready for the swim test.


5:45 p.m – Flag Lowering (for all Flag-Lowering and Supper, all scouts will be in uniform)

6:00 p.m – Supper

7:15 p.m. – Leader Orientation

8:30 p.m. – Campire Gathering (in uniform)

The remaining two days will follow this schedule:

  Thursday Friday
6:30 am Reveille Reveille
7:15 am Flag Raising Flag Raising
7:30 am Breakfast Breakfast
8:45 am Period 1 Period 1
10:30 am Period 2 Period 2
12:15 pm Lunch Lunch
2:00 pm Period 3 Period 3
3:45 pm Period 4 Period 4
5:45 pm Flag Lowering Flag Lowering
6:00 pm Supper Cook in Campsites
7:00 pm                           Evening Period                     (food provided)
8:30 pm                           Evening Period                     Campfire Gathering
11:00 pm Taps Taps

There will be plenty of activities, and even some down time, so if you’d like to hike, fish (catch and release), play games, whatever else you’d like to do, there will be free periods to have fun. Remember to bring your bikes and helmets!

The remaining information can be found in the 2013 Adventure Guide we suggested you download before reading the rest of this guide.  We will look to meet before the July date so we can go over in greater detail the activities that are planned, what the scouts will be earning toward their rank advancements, and what we’ve learned from past experience as to what to bring to camp.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Robert Payne, CampCoordinator, at 404-988-4589, or



When –  June 10 – 14  (8 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day)  –

Where – LDS Church, 3155 Trickum Road NE, Marietta

Cost – $90 for Scouts Tiger through Webelos II

$75 for Scouts and Siblings with a 5-day volunteer

$30 – Tot lot (only for younger children of 5-day volunteers)

Questions? – Contact Robert Payne ( 404-988-4589 (C)


•Hat •Lightweight jacket or raingear if necessary •Water bottle/water

•Non-perishable sack lunch and drink each day (not required for Twilight campers)

•For special activities, boys may be asked to bring a specific item from home

•Any required medication must be checked in with the Health Officer upon arrival to camp. All medications must be in the original container, marked clearly with the patient’s name and dosage and be noted on the health form.



•Personal electronic equipment (iPods, Gameboys, CD players, cell phones, etc.)

•Valuable items such as jewelry •Pocket knives •Glass items •Non-prescription drugs


•T-shirt (campers will be given 1 camp t-shirt at orientation—order extra shirts if you like)

•Shorts •Socks •Closed-toed shoes (no sandals or flip-flops) •Sunscreen (must be applied before coming to camp)


The camp programs Cub Scout rank. Many of the activities that are fun provide opportunities to qualify toward rank advancement and belt loops. These give campers a head start for advancement in their handbooks for their upcoming rank. The camp program focuses on age-appropriate activities, so it is very important that we know what grade he will be entering in the fall of 2013. While at camp, boys who are:

Entering 1st grade will work on Tiger

Entering 2nd grade will work on Wolf

Entering 3rd grade will work on Bear

Entering 4th grade will work on Webelos I

Entering 5th grade will work on Webelos II

For Webelos, they will work on and earn their Engineer, Scientist, Handyman, and Sportsman Activity pins.


Cub Scout Day Camp is run by volunteers. There are no paid staff members. Every pack MUST supply one 5-Day Adult Volunteer for every 4 Scouts that attend from

your pack. (Tigers excluded). Without adequate adult coverage, your Scouts may not attend. Tiger scouts attending must have an parent attending with each Tiger scout.

You may work all week or a partial week. However, your pack must have adults who work the days you are not working to have all 5 days covered.

Perks to being a 5-day volunteer:

– Your Scout will receive a registration discount and free t-shirt.

– Your other children, including girls up to the 7th grade, may attend camp as well and will experience their own special fun.

– Have younger children who are not school aged? Bring them too, as long as they are 3 years old and fully potty trained. They will have a wonderful and fully supervised camp experience.

– All girls of 5-day volunteers will be in an all-girl’s den.

– Have an older child who also wants in on the fun? Boys older than 5th grade and Girls older than 7th grade will be signed up as a Venture Scout and help work the camp!

Spending a week at Cub Scout Day Camp with your child – now THAT’s priceless quality time!

WE NEED ANY VOLUNTEERS! – If you can help out for even just 1 day that week, that means we can send more scouts to camp who want to enjoy this great week with their friends.  The more volunteers we have, the more scouts can go to enjoy this fun-filled camp.

Camp Cards Sales Start Today! March 1st through April 11th

The 2013 Camp Card Season kicks off today!  We have received our allotment of camp cards, and it is time to collect yours to sell!

Camp Cards are a spring fundraiser that is designed to help scouts earn their way towards many of the Summer Camps that are offered over the summer break.  The proceeds from these sales are solely for use by the scout.

A Camp Card is a discount card that has special discounts to local supporters of the Boy Scouts of America, this year, the cards have:

2013 One-time use discounts

2013 Multiple use discounts

Here’s how Camp Cards work:

1 – Check out a pack of cards – We will start by checking out a pack of 20 cards to each scout who wishes to participate in this EASY fundraiser.  We sign out the cards, and you will be responsible for returning all funds and UNSOLD cards.  Please remember to be careful of the cards, as the Publix and Dicks Sporting Goods tabs can break off, and that it now a damaged card that needs to be paid for.

2 – Sell the cards – Each card sells for $5.00.  Please remember to follow the same safety guidelines when we are selling popcorn – Wear your uniform.  Clearly state who you are and what pack you are with.  Do not sell alone (have a parent nearby), watch for cars, and most importantly, NEVER enter a stranger’s home.  Remember to be polite, and let everyone know what you are EARNING your way towards summer camp and what the cards can be used for.  And to always say “Thank you,” even if they do not purchase a card.  If you’ve sold out, come get more!

3 – Reconcile the cards – Turn in all money collected and UNSOLD cards on or before April 11th.  We then reconcile the amounts sold by each scout, and $2.50, that’s right, 50% of all sales stays within the unit just for only that scout’s use.  Any checks should be made out to “PACK 471”

4 – Use the money! – This year, we have Day Camp, Adventure Camp, Twilight Camps; a ton of fun that you can earn enough so they are free for you to attend! But if you do decide not to attend camp, you can still use the money earned for Pack Dues or the Fall camping events or even items at the scout shop by turning in your receipts to be reimbursed.

5 – Win prizes! – Yes, even beyond selling the cards and earning a 50% commission towards scouting events and items, there are prizes to earned for the number of cards sold.  This year, they are:

– For 1000 cards sold – an iPad mini

– For 500 cards sold – $150 Best Buy gift card

– For 100 cards sold – $25 Best Buy gift card

– For 20 cards sold – the 2013 Camp Card Patch

We will have information up on our website in the next few days about the Summer camping events, but you can start selling now before registration begins.

Contact me via phone or email and schedule a time to swing by to sign out your cards. I will also have them with me at the Hobo Dinner on March 16th.

We look forward to a great fundraising season this year.

Robert Payne,

Pack 471 Committee Chair

404-988-4589(C)  – Address – 4603 Blakedale Circle, Roswell 30075