Pinewood Derby 2013 – LOCATION and TIME!

Hello Pack 471,

Our Pinewood Derby 2013 event will be held this year at the Roswell Park Activity Center, or as it is otherwise known as, the Bill Johnson Community Activity Building.  This is located within the Roswell Area Park off of Woodstock Road at 10495 Woodstock Road, Roswell GA 30075. 

We will begin our races starting at 12:30 p.m., Sunday, January 20th.  The order of races will be:

————————  Arrive                  Race Time

Webelos II               12:30                    1:00

Webelos                   1:00                     1:30

Bears                        1:45                     2:15

Wolves                     2:30                     3:00

Tigers*                      3:15                     3:45

Siblings                     3:45                     4:15

Finals                                                    5:00

(*We appreciate that Tiger Scouts might not have the endurance to stay through all the races, so we start with the oldest boys first).

All scouts are welcome to come at any time, but the arrival time is when we require those scouts to be there and to allow those racing scouts time to add more graphite to their cars before the race.

This year’s race will be catered, and food will start at 12:30.  Adult plates are $5.00 and kids plates are $4.00

We will also be making swords for our Spring Family Camping event in March, so we will have a crafts table available for scouts a siblings.

Pack 471 wishes to thank Jeff Knighton specifically for his efforts in arranging this fantastic location for the 2013 Pinewood Derby Race!