Camp Card Sales Starting in February, 2013!

This years, the Atlanta Area Council will be starting up the Camp Card sales in time to help   offset the cost of Day and Adventure Camps in the Summer of 2013, starting February 28th through April 11th, 2013.

For those new to scouting this year, camp cards are a fantastic fund raiser that are meant for the individual scout to raise funds to use primarily to help pay for camping costs over the summer.

The Cards are secured discounts from the following local vendors:

One-time use discounts – Publix = $5.00 discount, already earning the cost of the card

Multiple use discounts – The card can be used over and over again through December 31st for the other following vendors:

Waffle House, Bojangles, Dave and Busters, Nantahal Outdoor Center, Six Flags over Georgia, Great Clips.

The steps are:

1. You scout signs out a number of cards (they come in bundles of 20 cards, or $100).  They are the sides of credit cards with discount tabs on the side that can break off so it sits in your wallet.

2. They sell the cards for $5.00 each.

3. All monies and unsold cards to returned to the pack.

4. We reconcile all monies and unsold cards to the council.

5. Your scout earns $2.50 for each card sold! That money is tracked just for your scout to be used for scouting activities over the course of the year, and while it’s intent is to be used for summer camp, we have voted to allow this to be used for scout related activities and purchases over the course of the year, until December 31st, 2013.

We will announce when we have the cards, but keep the dates in mind as we get closer, as February is right around the corner!