Popcorn Inventory Is Here!

We have received our popcorn inventory from the Council. If you are already sold popcorn, or you would like to sell popcorn and have it with you before the Show and Sales Dates on Sept 22, 29 and October 6th, then you can contact our Popcorn Kernels Bryan and Violette Garrett at:

Tel: 770-650-6999 (H)

Email: bryangarrett@bellsouth.net

You can begin coordinating pickup of the popcorn inventory starting Sunday, September 16th, after 3 p.m. Simply call or email Bryan Garrett first to arrange for pickup.

Remember, our first Popcorn Show and Sale date is next Saturday, September 22nd, from 9-12 a.m.. We will meet at the Garrison Mill parking lot, then we will be heading out from there. Be in your Class A (Blue) uniform and bring water and sunscreen and a great attitude.

Good Selling!