Popcorn Show and Sale Tomorrow – Saturday 29th, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Tomorrow is our second of three planned Popcorn Show and Sale dates that we are holding to encourage and assist those scouts selling popcorn this year.

We will meet at the Garrison Mill parking lot, where our popcorn kernel Bryan Garrett will have popcorn inventory to fill up your wagons with. Remember to wear your Class A uniform and brings lots of energy and your water bottle.

You can find our previous information and rules to remember here.

Remember – Never enter a person’s home, no matter what that person may say, and always say thank you, even if they don’t buy anything.

These show and sale dates are a great way to sell a lot of popcorn with other scouts and work towards meeting the goal of $300 per scout. You can do it!


Popcorn Show and Sale Tomorrow, Saturday September 22nd!

On Saturday, September 22nd, we are having the first of 3 (three) Popcorn Show and Sale  dates.  We will meet at the Garrison Mill Parking lot starting at 0900 and sell until about 12 p.m.  The next dates will be the following 2 (two) Saturdays, the 29th and October the 6th.

Our popcorn kernels will be bringing popcorn, so please remember to bring your wagon along with the following items:

–        Class A (blue) Uniform.
–        Water bottle
–        For Parents, bring an envelope with about $20 to $40 in 5’s and 10’s to make change
         for houses that pay with cash.
Our popcorn kernel will be there handing out inventory, so we can fill up our wagons and sell in the surrounding neighborhoods.  We will be pairing boys who have never sold before with boys who have, so you can see just how we approach this major fundraising event for the scouts and the Pack!


We will remind all scouts and parents of these rules tomorrow, but please follow these steps while selling popcorn on your own or together:

– NEVER enter a person’s home.  No exceptions.

– A parent must be with the scout at all times. You can be at the street, but no scout should be selling popcorn on their own.

– Never run into the streets.  Our scouts are shorter than most cars, and drivers can’t see you if you step from behind parked cars,  so always stop and look if you have to walk from behind a parked car.

– Only parents should be handling the money.  Scouts are the salesmen, parents hold the cash or checks.  I recommend that after each day of selling popcorn, take a few minutes to reconcile all checks and cash against what you have sold.

– Checks are made out to “Pack 471”

– Never sell the popcorn without receiving a check or cash for the sale.  If they would like you to return, note the address and come back later.

– If a person wants something you don’t have in the wagon, we most likely have it in inventory.  Mark what they have purchased, then schedule a time to pick up the inventory and return it. If we don’t have it, we will get it.

Remember that all orders and money must be turned in at the October 9th pack meeting.  If you cannot be there, please contact our Popcorn Kernels Bryan and Violette Garrett at 770-650-6999 or email at bryangarrett@bellsouth.net to arrange to drop off the orders.

If there are orders that need to be shipped, we will have them in by November if not earlier so you can deliver those orders to your customers.

See you there!

Popcorn Inventory Is Here!

We have received our popcorn inventory from the Council. If you are already sold popcorn, or you would like to sell popcorn and have it with you before the Show and Sales Dates on Sept 22, 29 and October 6th, then you can contact our Popcorn Kernels Bryan and Violette Garrett at:

Tel: 770-650-6999 (H)

Email: bryangarrett@bellsouth.net

You can begin coordinating pickup of the popcorn inventory starting Sunday, September 16th, after 3 p.m. Simply call or email Bryan Garrett first to arrange for pickup.

Remember, our first Popcorn Show and Sale date is next Saturday, September 22nd, from 9-12 a.m.. We will meet at the Garrison Mill parking lot, then we will be heading out from there. Be in your Class A (Blue) uniform and bring water and sunscreen and a great attitude.

Good Selling!

The Cherokee Pickens District is holding a Belt Loop Frenzy where scouts can earn earn up to 5 Belt Loops in one day.  This is an optional event and you can attend with your den or just drive up with your family and do it individually.   Note:  Archery & BB will be offered at Fall Family Camping and if you are currently in a sport, scouts can earn that Belt Loop as well.

Belt Loop Frenzy

 Cub Scout Packs From All Over Are Invited.

Come one… Come all… for a fun filled family event!

Saturday, September 8, 2012
8:30 AM until 4:00 PM
Hickory Flat Fellowship Church
5301 Hickory Flat Hwy. (Hwy. 140) Canton, GA 30115

Registration begins 7:30am, Flags at 8:30am, Event at 9:00am

(Including BBs and Archery!)

The event charge is only $6.00
(includes a custom embroidered patch!)

Troop 465 Alumni will be hosting all food concessions.
Please support their efforts and have lunch with them!

If you have sports or other commitments and cannot be there the entire day, plan to attend at your convenience

Please note: This is a cash only event


If you have any questions contact: Lynn Lamanac (770-894-9478); llamanac@gmail.com